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And if I can die for love

then I'm enslaved

3/5/06 07:05 pm - angel_inthesnow

I went to Snocore in Atlanta Friday.Collapse )

2/10/06 01:23 pm - mallory0174

Directly from Seether's MySpace blog.


"Seether" plus special guests

April 2006
17 UK, Birmingham, Barfly
18 UK, Newcastle, Academy
19 UK, Glasgow, Garage
21 UK, Manchester, Academy2
22 UK, Leeds, Met Uni
23 UK, Nottingham, Rock City
25 UK, Portsmouth,Pyramid Centre
26 UK, Bristol, Academy
27 UK, London, Astoria
29 France, Paris, Maroquinere
30 France, Toulouse, Havana

May 2006
02 Holland, Eindhoven, Effenaar
04 Sweden, Malmo, KB
05 Sweden, Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers
07 Finland, Helsinki, Tavastia

9/1/05 07:54 pm - mallory0174

Some news!

-Karma and Effect has gone gold

-The European/Uk has been postponed until Novemember/December. No dates announced yet. (Postponed due to the tour with Audioslave in North America)

-Pat's guitar is at the Hard Rock cafe in Philly.

-The video for Truth is up at the eteam members only section.

More details about all of this at seether.com

X-posted to other Seether comm.

8/16/05 01:34 am - darkbeethoven

Shaun has an accent!

I never knew that before. I am part of the Seether Street Team, and when I went to check the monthly updates and update myself, I found a video on the making of Remedy. Imagine my suprise when I heard him speak!

Maybe it's a Yankee accent, I don't know...being from Texas, they all sound foreign! XD

But yes...did anyone else know that the person in front of the tree with the really big mouth (kinda short, in the Remedy video) is a hermaphrodite?

8/15/05 10:34 pm - the_nameless_

hey!! Im new here.. and i joined the community because Shaun rules!

1. Name:Irina
2. Age:16
3. Location:Germany
4. How did you hear about Seether: I dont remember anymore...
5. Favorite Seether song: omg.. there are too many.. Never Leave, Got It Made, F**k it, Driven Under..
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest:Hell Yeah. Shaun=Sex God
7. Other bands you like:Slipknot,KoRn,Evanescence,Dope,Amatory,Rammstein..etc.
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether: okay.. =)
9. How did you find my lovely lil community:hmm.. i was looking for a seether community =)
10. Anything else?:hmm..ermmm...ahmmm...just give me a second =)

8/14/05 05:44 pm - sanglantgeisha - icons

Hey guys!
I've noticed that there aren't many Seether/Shaun Morgan icons out there right now, so I made some for everyone. More are probably forthcoming, but here's 8 for now.

Credit sanglantgeisha in keywords
No Hotlinking!

1.) 2.)

Here Are The Rest!Collapse )

*updated to add 2 more!*

8/12/05 08:04 pm - quantumrocks

1. Name:Ashley
2. Age:19
3. Location:Indiana
4. How did you hear about Seether:heard them on the radio with "driven under", Then rocked out to them at a concert in 2003..it was the best..
5. Favorite Seether song:"Sold me"
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest:Heck Yea!
7. Other bands you like:Three Doors Down,Crossfade,Tenacious D, actually the list could go on..
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether:
9. How did you find my lovely lil community:lookin around..for the interest...
10. Anything else?:thats all he really hot and a great singer..

8/9/05 01:18 am - booty_bangers - New here

1. Name:Cori
2. Age:15
3. Location:Homewood / Al
4. How did you hear about Seether:From My friends about a year ago
5. Favorite Seether song:cant pick between Never Leave & Broken
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: HELLS YEAH
7. Other bands you like: MCR,Breaking Benjam, Chevelle, Korn,Evanescence. ect.
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether:1. http://www.seether.com/index800.html

9. How did you find my lovely lil community: from someone off LJ

7/10/05 10:23 am - brite69 - Application

Behind a cut for your viewing pleasureCollapse )

Also, feel free to check out my DJ layout and info It's SEETHER-TASTIC!

7/7/05 09:01 pm - darkbeethoven

1. Name: That would be Beethoven
2. Age: Eh, 20 right now, but in a month I shall be 21 and listening to Seether at bars to piss people off :)
3. Location: Back and forth between San Antonio, York PA, and Pittsburgh PA. Most of my time is in Pittsburgh for school
4. How did you hear about Seether: Funny story...I was listening to Yahoo Music, and I always do the videos. Seether popped up with Remedy, and I was instantly hooked
5. Favorite Seether song: Remedy, without a doubt
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: Well...I'm biased with someone else, but he is DEFINITELY teh sex in Remedy. That makeup is just.... *shivers* ...yummy, to say the least
7. Other bands you like: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, System Of A Down, some country (comes from being a Texas girl), a lot of old 80's hair bands, and I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I like Simple Plan, The Used, and some of Good Charlotte
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
9. How did you find my lovely lil community: Through left_me_scarred, whom I found through some website...can't really figure that one out...
10. Anything else?: I like cheese...and here's me: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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