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1. Name: Megan
2. Age: 20
3. Location: Maryland
4. How did you hear about Seether: I heard 'Broken' in high school and thought it was ok, until I heard Remedy, and became a casual fan. I recently saw them in concert {like, March 19th of this year} and it became an instant obsession.
5. Favorite Seether song: I have a lot, and like them all, but I'll give the ones I like from each album:
From Disclaimer/Disclaimer II; Gasoline and Fine Again. From Karma and Effect; Remedy, Truth. From Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces; Fake It, FMLYHM, Like Suicide, No Jesus Christ and Six Gun Quota.
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: Oh he is. I would hit that so hard. I would destroy that.
7. Other bands you like: Rammstein, Papa Roach, Muse, Lostprophets, Fall Out Boy, The Rapture, Dodos, Wye Oak, Stabbing Westward
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether:

The band:

9. How did you find my lovely lil community:
Was browsing for Shaun and Seether pictures.
10. Anything else?:
I want to meet them.
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Welcome :)
Shaun is the awesomest guy in the world.. actually Dale and John are too!

<3 M
Thank you! :D

They are. I love watching interviews with them. They seem like so much fun to hang out with. Very laid back and down to Earth.