Katie Kumdumpster (__admittance) wrote in shaun_morgan,
Katie Kumdumpster

1. Name: Katie, or whatever you want to call me is cool.
2. Age: 92
3. Location: Maryland
4. How did you hear about Seether: a friend of mine told me to download truth, and i was hooked.
5. Favorite Seether song: A lot. Pig, Never Leave, The Gift, Your Bore, Fine Again, Tongue ... to name a few.
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: I TOTEZ AGREE WITCHOO DERE YO.
7. Other bands you like: Fuel, Collective Soul, The Wallflowers, Jim Croce, Spice Girls and Backstreet boys (jealouuus)
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
9. How did you find my lovely lil community: through a banner in someones userinfo, who I found randomly.
10. Anything else?: My ass really itches.
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