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I met Seether!

So. So you guys...guess who met Seether?

Yeah, that's right. My friend, Mary, I totally did :D

We got to Pier Six in Baltimore around 7:30 and enjoyed Flyleaf when they came on. Flyleaf was done by 8 something, and Seether came on at 9:15, with the song 'Hell's Bells' by AC/DC as their entrance music. How awesome is that?

They played:
No Jesus Christ
Driven Under
Rise Above This {which made me cry so bad}
The Gift
Fine Again
Fake It

After the show, we went to the merch booth and I got a hella cool shirt. We went and loitered by the tour buses to try and meet them. And meet them we did. John came out from backstage and we got his autograph and picture, and then a little while later, Dale came out from the bus and we got his stuff as well. We then spent the next hour or so waiting around in the cold for Shaun. When he finally came out, the first thing I did was go, "Oh my god oh my god it's Shaun!" and I actually squealed a little before I was like, "Ok, be cool here."

We went over to where he was and he was apologising for keeping everyone waiting, so that was nice. He had to take a shower or something, and I was thinking, 'Mmm girl. I want in on that.' He signed my ticket and I got my picture taken with him :D :D :D :D

After Mary got hers done, we stayed and chatted with him for a bit, where I was pleased to learn that he doesn't like rap music. He said, "I don't even know why they call them songs." Mary and I got another picture taken with him before we left for the evening

It was a tremendously awesome night.

Me and John:

Me and Dale:

Me and SHAUN:

Me and Troy:

Me and my friend:

And some candids of Shaun:


Cross-posted to _seether_ so sorry if you're seeing this twice.
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OMG, you lucky girl you! I want to see them so badly but they were in Wallingford, CT with Flyleaf last month on a damn Wednesday. I can only go if it's on a Friday or Saturday. Grrr, I hope they come back to CT. At least I get to see Staind, Hinder and 3 Doors Down on Friday, July 18th in Hartford :)
That's awesome :)
I see that Shaun's doing his "faces" again lol
There's never ever been a boring Seether pic lol, and if there ever was, I'd like to see it lol!!

Awesome pics!
aww lucky lucky! I've seen them in concert a couple times but I want to meet them so bad. Shaun is so beautiful. sigh.