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Seether Cancels All August Performances As Singer Shaun Morgan Enters
NEW YORK, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Seether front man Shaun Morgan has
admitted to himself and those close to him that he needs help and is
the proactive move to seek it. Following scheduled appearances this
all future plans have been placed on hold until further notice. Morgan,
has established himself as one of the leading singers in rock over the
five years, has made a personal choice to attack what he sees as a
dependence on a combination of substances. The band had planned to tour
August with Staind behind their recently released live acoustic album
Cold Night. The opportunity to perform this repertoire in an acoustic
setting is something the band hopes to do at some point in the future.
Morgan commented, "I'm deeply sorry that this news comes right before a
planned tour, especially one that I was so excited about, and I hope
everyone understands. I need help with addictions that I can't kick on
own. These things are making me sick, and could potentially harm me
permanently, so I need to take care of them as soon as possible. I hope
tour goes well, and we hope to be on the road again soon. Thank you
for your understanding and support."
Over the last two years, Seether has performed in excess of four
hundred shows. Compounded with the stresses of promoting and supporting
Karma & Effect album, and then recording and promoting One Cold Night
without any form of an extended hiatus, Morgan has spread himself too
and in turn made decisions he now regrets.

This really bums me out. They were set to play The Machine Shop on August 7th and I was so jazzed to see them again! Oh well, I'll get over it. I'm just glad that he's getting the help he needs. Hopefully, they'll be able to reschedule all their dates and be even better than ever!
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Hopefully he will see this community and know that he has the support of all the fans in it behind him

Bummer :(
You can go to their MySpace page and leave him a comment, too, to show your support. I'd link you to it if I was at home, but since I'm at work, I can't. If you don't have them friended on MySpace, just go to the music section and search Seether. ^_^