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And if I can die for love

then I'm enslaved

4/11/09 09:22 pm - blackvelvetmag

The next issue of Black Velvet (UK independent magazine) includes a 2 page interview with Shaun/Seether (plus a Seether gig review in the concerts section). If you order in advance you can save 60p/$1. More info is at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com/nextissue.htm

12/13/08 05:43 pm - queen_of_keys

1. Name: Johanna
2. Age: 19
3. Location: Germany
4. How did you hear about Seether: A friend heard it and I loved it
5. Favorite Seether song: Rise above this
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: OH HELL YES!
7. Other bands you like: Evanescence, KoRn, Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf, Nirvana...
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether: there are so many...
9. How did you find my lovely lil community: I searched for a seether community
10. Anything else?: No
Current Music: Seether- Never leave
Current Mood: bored

9/24/08 09:47 pm - untouchablesynn - hii

1. Name: Stephanie
2. Age: 16
3. Location: East Stroudsburg PA
4. How did you hear about Seether: Oh damn ummmmmmmm I knew of them when there were Saron Gas and I really liked them and just followed them
5. Favorite Seether song: OMG to many to count but right now FMLYHM or Gasoline
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: UM DUH HES A FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Other bands you like: Korn, Mudvayne, Pantera
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether:Photobucket

9. How did you find my lovely lil community: searching online for shaun icons
10. Anything else?: Shauns even sweeter in person ^-^ and I write shaun morgan fan fics if anyones intrested in reading them

5/11/08 07:23 pm - miss_bushido - I met Seether!

So. So you guys...guess who met Seether?

Yeah, that's right. My friend, Mary, I totally did :D

We got to Pier Six in Baltimore around 7:30 and enjoyed Flyleaf when they came on. Flyleaf was done by 8 something, and Seether came on at 9:15, with the song 'Hell's Bells' by AC/DC as their entrance music. How awesome is that?

They played:
No Jesus Christ
Driven Under
Rise Above This {which made me cry so bad}
The Gift
Fine Again
Fake It

After the show, we went to the merch booth and I got a hella cool shirt. We went and loitered by the tour buses to try and meet them. And meet them we did. John came out from backstage and we got his autograph and picture, and then a little while later, Dale came out from the bus and we got his stuff as well. We then spent the next hour or so waiting around in the cold for Shaun. When he finally came out, the first thing I did was go, "Oh my god oh my god it's Shaun!" and I actually squealed a little before I was like, "Ok, be cool here."

We went over to where he was and he was apologising for keeping everyone waiting, so that was nice. He had to take a shower or something, and I was thinking, 'Mmm girl. I want in on that.' He signed my ticket and I got my picture taken with him :D :D :D :D

After Mary got hers done, we stayed and chatted with him for a bit, where I was pleased to learn that he doesn't like rap music. He said, "I don't even know why they call them songs." Mary and I got another picture taken with him before we left for the evening

It was a tremendously awesome night.

And....PICTURES!Collapse )

Cross-posted to _seether_ so sorry if you're seeing this twice.

3/28/08 01:41 am - miss_bushido - Newbie!

1. Name: Megan
2. Age: 20
3. Location: Maryland
4. How did you hear about Seether: I heard 'Broken' in high school and thought it was ok, until I heard Remedy, and became a casual fan. I recently saw them in concert {like, March 19th of this year} and it became an instant obsession.
5. Favorite Seether song: I have a lot, and like them all, but I'll give the ones I like from each album:
From Disclaimer/Disclaimer II; Gasoline and Fine Again. From Karma and Effect; Remedy, Truth. From Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces; Fake It, FMLYHM, Like Suicide, No Jesus Christ and Six Gun Quota.
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: Oh he is. I would hit that so hard. I would destroy that.
7. Other bands you like: Rammstein, Papa Roach, Muse, Lostprophets, Fall Out Boy, The Rapture, Dodos, Wye Oak, Stabbing Westward
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether:

The band:

9. How did you find my lovely lil community:
Was browsing for Shaun and Seether pictures.
10. Anything else?:
I want to meet them.

7/27/06 04:32 pm - brite69

Seether Cancels TourCollapse )

7/18/06 02:52 am - __admittance

1. Name: Katie, or whatever you want to call me is cool.
2. Age: 92
3. Location: Maryland
4. How did you hear about Seether: a friend of mine told me to download truth, and i was hooked.
5. Favorite Seether song: A lot. Pig, Never Leave, The Gift, Your Bore, Fine Again, Tongue ... to name a few.
6. Isn't Shaun Morgan teh hottest: I TOTEZ AGREE WITCHOO DERE YO.
7. Other bands you like: Fuel, Collective Soul, The Wallflowers, Jim Croce, Spice Girls and Backstreet boys (jealouuus)
8. Post your favorite pic of Shaun or Seether: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
9. How did you find my lovely lil community: through a banner in someones userinfo, who I found randomly.
10. Anything else?: My ass really itches.

5/4/06 02:02 pm - darkbeethoven

Okay, so I know someone here posted it before, but I can't find it. Does anyone know the lyrics to the 14th track on Karma And Effect? You know, the 'hidden' one?

I have a friend from Sudan who swears up and down that (forgive the spelling, I only know the pronunciation) "koom sah mit mai" is bad, yet he won't tell me what it means. I'm trying to find the lyrics so I can show him and he'll stop harassing me :D

3/21/06 11:11 pm - chaosmo

Hey there,

Here's the link to an interview that I did with Shaun Morgan when Seether played Amsterdam end of last year.
thought you'd might be interested. :)

click banner to check the interview

You can also find a showreview with pictures here

3/17/06 12:24 pm - the_nameless_ - The Gift Video!

You can watch the net "The Gift" Video HERE!
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